Aero CAD



The 2016 car received some newly designed front uprights, hubs and rotors made from 6061 T6 aluminum. The previous design was made out of steel so the new design was made lighter to help meet the teams goal of reducing the overall vehicle weight below 200kgs. To ensure the new designs can withstand the same amount of forces a Finite Element Analysis was performed on both designs for comparison. These parts were generously machined by Musashi Auto Parts Canada.



The new 2016 exhaust design is finished. This years exhaust made use of the 4-2-1 header design. It is made of 0.035” stainless steel making it the lightest version to date. The new carbon fibre muffler has decreased the weight of the system and made it more customizable. The internals are fully removable to adjust the noise output. This year a helmholtz resonator was added to the system to help reduce the noise level to be below 110 dBC for competition.


This is the powertrain assembly for the 2016 car. There is something very special about our car. We are the only team to run a shaft drive system to a differential. All of the other teams have their engines horizontal and run a chain and sprocket system. The new differential mount shaved some weight from the car to help meet the teams goal of overall car weight of 200kgs. The new mounts also provide better supports for the differential when under load. The mounts were generously laser cut by ETSM ltd. in Guelph.




The frame for GRC17 is well underway with much of the tubing for the frame already cut, notched and welded. The frame is made from 1” OD 1026 steel tubing with wall thickness of 0.049”, 0.065” and 0.095”, depending on location. The roll hoops, front bulkhead and rear box are all drawn to scale on boards which are used to ensure accuracy of the components. The boards are positioned precisely on our frame table so that the connecting pieces can be made to fit and ensures accurate dimensions.


All of our frame tubing is cut and notched by hand using our own manual mill and the final touches are completed using a grinder, wire brush and files. The roll hoops are bent in house using our own tube bender.