The team consists of approximately 45 undergrad and grad student from a range of faculties and engineering disciplines. Together we work to design, build, test and race a new formula style car each year. Formula SAE is a student design competition organised by the Society of Automotive Engineers. The goal is to have student teams design, build and test a prototype car based on FSAE competition rules that are created to ensure onsite event operation and promote clever problem solving. The FSAE series has a variety of events and Gryphon Racing attends several each year with the first being FSAE Michigan each May. In 2004 Gryphon Racing was the first (and only ever) team to design a gas powered AWD car. To our knowledge, Gryphon Racing is the only team to mount their engine longitudinally and use a solid shaft driven differential as opposed to a chain drive. The team has now started using carbon fibre for many of the body components and used "green" bio based EcoTek resins in parts of the body.

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